Executive Coaching

"Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves,
their strengths, their values, and how they best perform” - Peter Drucker

What is your #1 challenge? If you are like many other leaders, it is the lack of quality time to think and be creative. Leaders often complain about being stretched too thin, stressed, overwhelmed and not as effective. So while most leaders want to be good leaders and inspire others, those challenges can get in the way. Leaders may feel uninspired themselves and their stress levels keep sub-optimal habits in place, not allowing their ‘best self’ to show up.

As former leaders and business consultants we understand the unique pressures executives face today. In our work, leaders are provided with a safe space to pause and connect with their values and purpose. Through a process of partnership that facilitates deeper awareness, insights and habit change, Leaders adopt new practices — to manage stress, regulate triggers, focus energy and adapt to complexity. As a result, they are able to maximize their potential and impact. 

As a Leader, your energy and passions are contagious. Helping you be at your best also serves to support your environment where everyone can step up their game.

"Orly is an extraordinary professional  coach. I highly Recommend her to anyone who wants to be the best leader possible. She truly changed my ability to lead, build relationships, and balance my entire life!" 

-Mendy Goodman, COO,
S&E National Law Firm (PA HQ)

Coaching Process

Executive coaching has shown an impressive (7 times) return on the initial investment based on a global PwC Study. The coaching starts with an Engagement Launch Meeting designed to get to know the client, understand overarching goals, discuss mutual roles & responsibilities and align expectations. Our process typically includes 360 assessment or other feedback from key stakeholders. As the client, you will get a confidential feedback report focusing on your strengths and developmental opportunities. The feedback report helps to fine-tune goals and draft a Leadership Developmental Plan.

We will meet with you regularly (typically bi-weekly) to broaden your awareness, experiment with new ways of doing things, and close the gap between your intentions and your behaviors. Between sessions, you are given customized resources and exercises to deepen your learning and maximize the coaching impact. You can contact us at any time between the sessions. We finalize the engagement with a formal meeting with you and your Manager that includes your self-assessment of progress. We schedule 3-month/6-month post coaching follow up calls to discuss progress and challenges.


Explore Goals, Discuss Expectations and Ensure Alignment


Use Assessment Tools
In-depth Interviews


Analyze Key Themes
& Share 360
Feedback Report


Facilitate the
Development of
Goals & Action Plan


Coach on the Execution
of the Action Plan


Measure Progress vs. Metrics; Discuss Tools
to Sustain Progress

Our Approach

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    Focus on Changes in Both Mindsets and Behaviors:

    Hold both personal reflection time and quality of engagement with others as important for leadership growth. Use both Mindfulness-based and Behavioral-based Coaching modalities to facilitate real changes in mindsets and behaviors. Read more...

    Mindset Changes– You will get to understand your feelings and recognize how those affect your actions. Also, you will increase your awareness regarding triggers, mind blocks and habits that impede your success. Self-awareness is a key starting point for leadership growth.
    Behavioral Changes– Support you in strengthening self-management, communication and relational skills. You get to practice new behaviors and engage key stakeholders in providing feedback and "feedforward" (future-oriented) suggestions on how you can get better at your developmental goals. Stakeholders’ input will both, help you identify “blind spots” and provide ongoing support for your growth.

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    Focus on Sustainable Results:

    Favor deep, sustainable solutions over surface ones. For instance, our assignments between sessions are tailored to the your needs, designed to deepen your learning and help you activate your action plan. You will get to develop new ways of Thinking, Being and Doing.

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    Apply Actionable, Experiential Methods:

    Apply proven frameworks and tools firmly grounded in science that result in real changes in behavior. You will get to experience new ways of doing things through active experimentation and practice.

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    Adopt an Integrated Whole-Person & System Approach:

    Use multiple modalities in coaching, paying attention to Mind, Heart and Body to get Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors & Relationships in sync. The benefits for you are greater clarity, coherence and resilience.

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    Recognize Emotions:

    Provide tools to cultivate choice-based behavior. You will learn to notice your emotional triggers, understand how those affect your behavior, and self-manage. It is important to recognize emotions because they tend to drive our behavior and drain our energy; plus, emotions are contagious. 

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    Ensure Confidentiality:

    Hold all coaching conversations in strict confidentiality—no exceptions.

“80% of what it takes to change your behavior
is a function of your ability to self-regulate” — David Drake

Types of Clients

Our clients include:

  • Senior management – Director to C-Suite
  • High performers and high potentials
  • Millenniums, Generation X, and Boomers
  • Wide range: Fortune 500 to Mid-size businesses to Nonprofit 

Key to successful engagements: Clients who are coachable, motivated, committed to show up, do the work and have the backing of their organization. 

Coaching Areas / Specialties

Our Executive Coaching service spans the continuum from building deep insights, new skills and new habits to overcoming challenges, resolving issues, improving relationships and so on. Our clients articulate needs such as the following:  “I have been told that my communication style is too abrasive;”I need to control my temper;”How do I influence people I don’t have authority over in a matrix organization;”  I want to build my confidence and executive presence;”I am stressed all the time I feel burnt-out;” and many more. 


  • Increasing Self-Awareness (blind spots)
  • Strengthening Self-Management (triggers; moods; impulse control)
  • Managing Stress and Well being (happiness at work) 
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • Strengthening Organizational Relationships, Influence and Impact (managing up, down and across peer group)
  • Developing People/Teams
  • Improving Listening and Communication Skills (including difficult conversations)
  • Building Executive Presence (confidence; composure)
  • Developing Empathy
  • Improving Clarity on Priorities in Changing Environments
  • Improving Time & Energy Management Skills
  • Accelerating Preparedness for Future Role
  • Building Political Savvy
  • Embracing/Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Coaching Style

In my years of leadership and executive coaching practice I have found that most leaders want to do the right things and be good leaders, but daily pressures can get in the way. When I work with clients, I come from a place of non-judgment, with a deep interest to understand the Leader’s world and help them transform and become the kind of leaders they want to be. When I challenge assumptions and explore beliefs with the Leader, I do it with curiosity, not a pre-conceived notion of the ‘right’ way. This approach allows clients the space to tap on their own wisdom and discover answers and solutions for themselves. Read More

I treat each client with deep respect, as an individual, bringing energy and a sense of humor. It is essential that the client feels heard and understood. It is also critical that they will get significant value out of the coaching by considering new ways of thinking and doing and by stepping out of their comfort zone. Hence I strive to strike a balance between stretching/challenging the Leader’s thinking and providing support and encouragement. I offer honest feedback along with a confidential environment to discuss challenges & goals and the space to practice. In that space, trusted partnerships emerge. Leaders become open to try new methods to remove barriers for change as they step up to their full potential. They develop their emotional intelligence and their capacity to create cultures where people can thrive.  

My core belief is that leaders can transform themselves/their organizations. My coaching style helps leaders have honest conversations, see beyond what they thought was possible and take courageous steps in trying new behaviors. My deep commitment is to help them achieve meaningful goals, become the kind of leaders they want to be and lead with purpose.