Power of Narratives


We are hard-wired to narrate our experiences. Our need to tell stories – to understand and be understood by others – is part of our evolutionary process. “Stories” define our identities. It is the “stories” that we tell ourselves about people/situations/events that trigger certain feelings that, in turn, activate certain behaviors and outcomes. So when we want to change something about ourselves, that sometimes requires us to shift from old narratives to new constructive one.

Stories can get us stuck: If we keep narrating our experiences in the same way, we will perpetuate the very same experiences. Fortunately stories also present a springboard for our transformation.

Leveraging a narrative approach, leaders can be more constructive with their narrative choices to help them become more effective. Also, organizations can design cultural change by bringing together narrative coaching and design thinking to create breakthrough to new ways of thinking and acting.


Books & Articles

Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (David Drake)